Credential Management & Authentication

Correct people having the correct access to the correct systems.

BeSecure IT assists organisations with securing the access to Cloud, Web, Desktop, Applications and VPN whilst also providing the management, access and control of accounts with elevated permissions.

This is to ensure that the correct people, have the correct access to the correct systems.

This is done through the implementation of Multi Factor Authentication and Privileged Account Management.

Multi Factor Authentication

BeSecure IT partners with SwivelSecure to provide multi factor authentication solutions worldwide. They recently won the 2016 SC Magazine Europe Award for best Multi-Factor Authentication Solution.

The solution goes far beyond standard 2FA and can provide advanced dynamic adaptive authentication platform protecting both on-premise and the cloud.


Integrates with most major Cloud Services, supporting SAML, ADFS or even a specific API.


Integrates with OWA SharePoint, SAP in addition to many more Web Based applications. AuthControl Sentry provides integration to many popular services using ADFS, SAML, RADIUS or a specific API. If your services runs with Microsoft IIS, there are some custom integrations to protect these applications.


Integrates with desktops, via VDI, Microsoft Credential Provide and also Microsoft Direct Access.


AuthControl Sentry and AuthControl Cloud support all VPNs on the market using RADIUS or SAML. We have many integrations documented on our KB, with step-by-step instructions for configuration and integration.

Privileged Account Management

BeSecure IT partners with Thycotic to provide Privileged Account Management. The technology has recently been recognised by Forrester as a Leader in Privileged Identity Management, Q4 2018.

The technology address 3 key areas:

Privileged Access Management

Secret Server is the easiest, most affordable and widely adopted PAM solution providing enterprise-grade password security and privileged access management for organisations.

Least Privilege & Application Control

Privilege Manager is an all-in-one-solution for least privilege management, threat intelligence and application whitelisting, greylisting and blacklisting.

Privileged Account Incident Response

Advanced analytics and machine learning that integrates with your privileged access management solution. Automatically identify and analyze suspicious behavior that indicates privileged account abuse.

Maintain business continuity with real-time alerts that support rapid, effective incident response to a privileged account breach.

Below are two videos providing an overview of Thycotic and SwivelSecure:



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