Data Loss Prevention

Protecting the most important company asset.

Data Loss Prevention should be at the heart of all companies and BeSecure IT can assist in looking at all of the areas of your network that needs to secured, from end users accidentally losing data to an external actor exfiltrating it. There are three commonly adopted strategies to contain an protect your data, device control, encryption and data loss prevention solutions. Below is a quick outline of each.

Most security solutions include some form of Device Control but the capabilities of each of the solutions can be very different and policies set against these solutions must ensure a fair balance between securing your data and allowing the user to still effectively perform their duties. BeSecure IT can assist with choosing the best Device Control solution and even recommending a full endpoint suite which will reduce the cost rather than buying these solutions separately.

All devices that leave the network/ office now require encryption on them, this includes removable media. BeSecure IT can assist with choosing the right solution for your business and ensuring that the policies set maintain your security whilst allowing your staff to continue to perform their duties.

Lastly a full DLP solution that will scan all data in and out of your network at both endpoint and network level will provide you with complete viability into what data is being transmitted. This can also be re-enforced by a data classification system to reduce resource usage by not requiring in-line scanning for pre-classified files.


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