Remote Working, Done Right!

Remote Working, Done Right!

We are now in our third national lockdown and again many of us are working from home, including staff at BeSecure IT. Like many, we are missing the office buzz and interaction with our colleagues. Challenges like home schooling and our dogs barking in the background are all part of the new norm.

We wanted to put this short blog together to take a little stress off business owners and IT professionals, so they can at least know their Remote IT Systems are setup correctly. This is more important than ever as more malicious threats have been reported throughout the pandemic, with attackers targeting vulnerable business’ who have failed to ensure their systems are secure whilst their employees are working from home, making it easier than ever for hackers!

Below is a list of common mistakes that companies are making:

  • Remote Access with no Multi-factor Authentication, including VPN, Remote Desktop, Office, File Shares and any Cloud Solutions
  • Allowing company files / data to be copied or downloaded onto home devices
  • Non-Encrypted Devices being taken home by employees
  • Open plan remote access – users should only be able to access what they need remotely, not everything
  • Allowing home devices to connect to corporate VPN’s

If you are doing any of the above within your organisation please act now and change this.

We can help!

BeSecure IT is offering a FREE Remote Working Assessment throughout lockdown to all businesses in the UK.

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